GALION The GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network
GALION Metadata:

GALION metadata are stored in JSON format and contain GALION specific information (blue) and metadata for each site in each network (red).
The primary JSON elements for each site are below, bold elements are mandatory (others may be omitted when using our API search):


Detailed information on the JSON format and each element are provided below in our templates.
The commented templates are for guidance and direction on how the metadata files are constructed, and are not valid for use (remove comments to use).

API Searches and Usage:

The GALION metadata may be returned as a list of JSON elements depending on API search/usage.
The data element is omitted if year, month, and day are not provided. If only year and/or month are provided then the data element is omitted, and the date element will have DD and/or MM instead of values.

The API has the following method options:
station: if selected then contacts, date, and data elements are omitted
data: if selected will return a simplified data element as shown below (only includes variable, level, url_browse, and url_file):
            "variable": "",
            "level": "",
            "url_browse": [],
            "url_file": []



Remove Comments?  


Consult the GALION Data and Instrumentation page on this website for variable and instrument JSON information.

Blank and/or empty entries for GALION JSON:

  • use "" for blank strings
  • use NaN for blank numbers (carefully note which JSON entries are strings vs numbers)
  • use false for blank boolean (do not use capital letters for true and false booleans in JSON)

Data Levels to use in GALION JSON:

  • Value = "1", Description = "CIMO: Level I data (Primary Data)"
  • Value = "1.5", Description = "Near Real Time Meteorological Parameters" (not in WIGOS)
  • Value = "2", Description = "CIMO: Level II data (Meteorological parameters)"
  • Value = "3", Description = "CIMO: Level III (Initial state parameters)"