GALION The GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network
GALION Data and Instrumentation:

GALION data variables and instrumentation were defined in our GALION Implementation Plan (2008), and subsequently updated in preparation for our next implementation plan. The information has been codified for use in our data center. The GALION data variables and instrumentation are available here as tables or JSON output.

The variable standards contain all possible values of units, instrumentation, and observed layer for each variable.
Mapping to the WIGOS metadata standards are provided, and the application areas are fixed for each variable.
Instrumentation options can include combinations from all the instrumentation standards, with combinations indicated by using a _ separator.
For example: a polarized backscatter lidar would use "BL_PL", those using co-located sunphotometers would add "_SP"
For units, instrumentation, observed layer, and application areas: multiple options are possible.

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